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"...portray the dangers Mexican immigrants face in order to give the next generation a better future. "

How is illegal immigration something to promote?  


It isn't promoting anything. It's showing you the experience less privileged people face such as my parents. You dont watch a movie about gangs and say its promoting being in a gang. No its just showing you their experience. 

May parents faced those dangers to give me a better future. I now have a BFA and am making comics and videogames, things I probably wouldn't of had if they had raised me in their poor hometown in Mexico. I was able to make this game BECAUSE they crossed over. They would of had to wait 20+ years to do so legally.  You may not like it, but it happens everyday. I'm giving back to this country, a lot more than most, so if that's the case, are you going to continue to be angry? 


If you want your kids to have a better future does that justify you robbing a bank or breaking other laws to do it, or just immigration law?


Are you saying that breaking immigration laws is the same as robbing a bank?  


They're both crimes. The point is that you seem to take no issue with supporting criminality as long as you personally benefit from it. 

Cool concept and addicting game!

Thank you so much! It was really awesome meeting you and your friends and appreciate your support :)

Hey I downloaded the BordersMacVersion but when I double click the download it opens up on Text Edit. It would be much appreciated if you could help out. Thanks!

Hey Suppiero I'm sorry that's happening! Trying to fix it right now. You may have to re download but its free. I'll messsage you soon as its fixed.

I reuploaded the zip file, unzip the file and you should be able to play it now!


Awesome it works! Thanks for all your help! 5 star customer service.

Dear Gonzzink i can not play the border game because it tells me failed to intalize 3d for windows 7 i do not know what to do

Do you mind explain your problem a little further so we can find a solution?
Thank you!

Based on the error you described, could you answer the following questions:
What is the specific error that is being displayed?
Have you experience this issue with any other Unity based games?
Are your graphics drivers are up to date?
Is Direct X up to date?
Are you sure you have a graphics card that supports the Unity Engine (see requirements below)?

Minimum Windows Requirements for Unity based games:
OS: Windows XP SP2+
Graphics Card: DX9 (shader model 3.0) or DX11 with feature level 9.3 capabilities.
CPU: SSE2 instruction set support

Resources for checking and updating DirectX version:


My mom told me about this game, and I really like it she actually has passed the border she tells me her stories on crossing the border this is the best free game I have played on pc!:D


wow thanks for sharing that with me! Your words mean a lot and I'm glad I made something you can connect with :)

Why was the mac version taken down?

The Mac version was outdated because of the updated and we have not created the new build. We will get to that shortly!

Oh Ok. Thanks!

Glad to see how polished this game is for a game jam game! Also good thinking with the tone, music, and setting. Curious if the whole map was manually constructed?

thank you so much! It was our first game ever so im glad to hear it all came together. The two levels were manually constructed by the Genaro and Jon while I just did the art assets.


I'm not at all good at this :(

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Hey that was the most entertaining run through of our game I have seen! haha (Just incase it was sarcasm you are actually a mexican american immigrant trying to cross to America xD) Thanks for playing the game and Im glad you liked my art!

Thanks for checking out our game! Clearly we need to reduce the difficulty and make the level layout a little more intuitive!

Nice work !

Thank you so much!